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01/31/2016: Queued up alert email en route…
Portion of email alerts from the past day had been delayed but are currently being re-delivered.
01/30/2016: Android app reading issue fixed..
A temporary issue with android app story reading page showing retry errors has been resolved.
01/16/2016: Display issue resolved
Display issues as result of syncing issues have been resolved. We are actively monitoring all areas for any more post-network outage side-effects.
01/16/2016: Display Issues. In progress…
We are experiencing a temporary issue with display listing and/or showing empty listings due to syncing issues as result of our earlier network outage. We are working to resolve this issue.
01/16/2016: Network Issue Resolved
After some quick handy work by our network team, we were able to bypass failed networking equipment. Everything is now green and operational.
01/16/2016: Network error: Fix in progress…
We are currently experiencing a temporary network downtime due to a failed networking equipment. Please note a replacement fix is in progress and we expect everything to be back to normal within 2 hours.
01/05/2016: Review Sync Issue
We have resolved a review sync issue affecting a percentage of our users. Please note all un-synced reviews have been pushed and now visible.
09/02/2015: Login issues and moving forward
A cascading issue which resulted in login area problems for the last day has been resolved. We are currently reviewing all of our network, hardware, and software infrastructure to make sure that moving forward, these type of errors are not only fixed at their roots but add preventive measure to ensure they do not repeat. […]
05/02/2015: Spam Cleanup
Over the past 48 hours we have performed a massive cleanup of “Korean” advert spam within many categories and forums. The task was made more difficult as the spammers have found a way to bypass Gmail’s security to create tens of thousands of valid Gmail accounts purely for the purpose of spamming. Please help us […]
04/08/2015: Update Follow-up
Our last update took much longer than expected as the actual run-time of the image migration far exceeded initial trial runs. Profile image/avatar is now fully integrated with the “Image Manager” feature and relocated to the account settings page. We will be doing quite a few upgrades throughout the month so if you find a bug, please […]
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