Anime X-overs and Fate/stay night Crossovers
Fate: Zero Survival by Death Obelisk reviews
A re-telling of Fate Zero. This time only a certain magus killer gets the servant he desires while the rest of the Masters are in for the ride of their lives. How will the King of Knights face against some of the most overpowered Servants in the whole of Lore? Stay tuned to find out. Lots of Inspiration from The Infamous man and Fate:Zero Sense.
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The Fourth Holy Grail War has begun. However, Angra Mainyu has decided to replace some of the Servants with more... interesting characters. Now, Servants, old and new, must battle for the Grail in a war unlike no other. Perhaps, for some, fate can be changed. Inspired by The Infamous Man's Fate: Zero Sense.
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The term 'Heroic Spirit' gets thrown around a lot. Some quite possibly don't count. But the grail... might just have a odd sense of humour. A mix of oneshots involving characters from different series.
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Angra Mainyu deems the competition of the Fourth Holy Grail War as too thin, and decides to rig the summoning to include two servants that can give the King of Heroes a run for his money. Watch, as servants with power to shake the foundations of Nasuverse are summoned as heroes.
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Inspired by The Infamous Man "Fate: Zero sense". The Fourth Grail War has begun. 7 Master has summoned Sevants that they weren't quite expeted (Most of them). This time, the fates of all the masters will change and no for a good way.
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The fourth Grail War has begun... And as usual, the Grail wants to fuck it up. So it pulled some metaphorical strings and made sure that all but one of the masters would receive a completely different servant from what they originally wanted. Inspired by The Infamous Man as usual, with an added bonus in this story that makes it slightly more unique!
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When the corrupted Holy Grail messes with the summoning of five of the seven Masters, they summon Servants that they weren't quite expecting. The Fourth Holy Grail War will not be anything like anyone was expecting. Inspired by TIM's Fate Zero Sense.
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"I guess that it's like one big puzzle," Caster explained. Arturia starred at her quizzically as the small girl held up a single puzzle piece. "Alone, this is just one piece of everything. It's only one small universe. But if I put them together..." She connected the one piece with another and held them out to Arturia. "You have the Grail War."
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Above Men. Beside Kings. Behind Gods. Beyond Mighty. When Time and Space have no meaning, Hero's shall rise and Legends will fall. Oh yeah, fanservice shall ensue.
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The Fourth Holy Grail War: Angra Mainyu, uninterested by the selected servants, exchanges them for warriors throughout space and time. Now stuck with servants they know nothing about, the Magus must learn on the run, as War waits for none. Servants are mainly from anime, with a few exceptions. Like most, inspired by TIM's FateZero Sense. Formerly Fate Zero: Dimension Rift
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