Avatar: Last Airbender and Hetalia - Axis Powers Crossovers
That Which Makes Up The Land by Time Traverser reviews
Neither America or Canada know exactly how or why they got here, but here they are. They'd LIKE to get home...but they don't know how, quite yet. Until they have more information, they'll just have to help their newfound companions survive this war-torn world. Rated T because I said so. NO ROMANCE!
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Lukas: The waterbending disaster by meesta-egg
Lukas is a waterbender with a rebellious haircut that was raised by his brother in the fire nation. When the war began, said brother was one of the first victims to disappear. These are shorts on how he interacts with other benders around the world on his search for his brother in the war raged world. (These are the oneshots from my askblog Ask-waterbender-Lukas)
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It was a normal world meeting, but then a portal showed up and everything changed... No Avatar characters! Only nations being able to bend elements! (There will be pairings I think...) Rated T because... I'm not sure what will happen.
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Another generation has passed. Korra has died, and she left behind an era of peace. As the Earth Avatar, it is now Rei's duty to uphold her ancient legacy. But with a mysterious regime out to kill her, she can't do it alone. And when she calls on her past lives for help, they take her to some...interesting people - for advice, of course. Inspired by Fire Lily by Karen Elaine DuLay.
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Before her disappearance; Native America left her people's hidden legacy to her two children. Now with the world being tossed into imbalance Canada and America must reveal one of their greatest secrets. The Art of Elemental Bending. Credits: 9foxgrl for letting me use her idea.
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Each nation has the ability to control and master one element. Legend says, during each cycle, there will always be one who masters all four, but in order to keep balance, this gift must be passed down. There will be one who refuses to let go. This is his story.
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Side story to 'So Why Do We Have a Firebender on our Team again'. England is woken in the middle of the night by Sealand, who wants to ask him a few questions... about how Iggy feels about being turned into a girl. Sealand gets more than what he bargained for... Time for a lesson in the birds and the bees! At least, the NATION version... Rated T due to... just look at it!
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150 after the War, unrest has once again consumed the Four Nations. Li, one of the new Team Avatar's members, has been sent to another world by the spirits in lieu of her almost-death. Only, this new world is...well, it's... rated T for gore and and such
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