Avengers and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
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Crossover between Percy Jackson and The Avengers
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When Nick Fury is looking to recruit, he breaks out files of all the people that have had abnormal experiences. Of these files are Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Nico di Angelo, and Leo Valdez. After figuring out what they are and who they are exactly, he wants to recruit them. He believes they would make a very good addition.
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Kristin, Imani, and Zari don't expect their fangirl dreams to come true, but they do, and now they have to hide it. Their favorite book characters have come to our dimension, searching for a magical force coming from Imani's backyard, and they have to get it back to their world before they don't exist anymore. But something goes terribly wrong when they dig this magical item up...
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Loki has escaped his prison in Asgard and now sets his sights on trying to destroy the Greek Gods. With the gods in trouble of Loki's schemes, Percy and Annabeth join the Avengers to stop a new war from starting. Rated T for cursing, mention of alcohol, and other stuff i'm not to sure of yet.
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when annabeth died saving percy from tartarus, he runs away from camp, hoping to serch for new life, while nick fury is watching him, and a threat rises, will percy come back and join the advengers and save the world?
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