Batman and Green Lantern Crossovers
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TRADUCCIÓN. Robin!Jason with Teen Tinats. Cinco personas que sabían sobre el enamoramiento de Kyle antes de que él y la persona afectada, lo supieran.
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AU;Pequeños momentos sobre la relación entre Kyle Rayner, un artista de veintisiete años, enamorado de un Jason Todd de dieciséis, rebelde.
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Christmas; The most wonderful time of the year. But crime doesn't take holidays, so neither does Batman. Scarecrow has a plan to bring Gotham to ruins. Meanwhile, on Oa, the Green Lantern Corps has Sinestro imprisoned. But the immense amount of fear energy created by Scarecrow's fear gas being unleashed reaches even Oa, freeing Sinestro, and weakening the GLC.
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What happens after death, no matter what planet you once resided on. OR five impossible routines Sinestro has had to get used to now that he's little more than someone who keeps the trains running on time. Totally AU one-shot. Heavily implied Sinestro/Hal, Abin Sur/Arsona, Bruce/Selina, Tim/Cass, Harley/Creeper.
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