Batman and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
The creation of the gods by NoPayneNoWayne3102 reviews
She's one child with all of the gods power. Well only the major gods, Hades and Hestia. Her name is Rikelle Persephone Jackson-Wayne and she is the most powerful demigoddess ever born/created. Fem!Dick and Fem!Percy as one, Rikelle and Fem!Nico slash, Annabeth and Luke in beginning and her and Reyna in later chapters. Summary kinda lame, Please read! Some Young Justice and Bat-Fam.
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Catwoman, Daughter of Hermes by Zenthian reviews
Selina Kyle never knew her father. In fact, she hated the guy. Selina developed her own womanhood without him... and its going downhill. Then He finds her and there is one detail she can't get over. He is Hermes, God of thieves.
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Damian Wayne is no half-blood. But when he starts seeing weirder-than-usual looking creatures crawling through the streets of Gotham, they lead him to a place called Camp Half-Blood, where a new prophecy awaits. A new threat is flying past the camp's borders, but what does this dark spirit of ancient history want with a mere mortal who can see through the mist?
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Nico di Angelo has another name. Two other names. Robin and Dick Grayson. When Chiron asks Nico to bring a halfblood to camp, he has to bring her away from Gotham to camp without Batman noticing, because she's REALLY noticeable when she's not in Arkham . . . Slight Nico/Ivy
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