Batman the Animated Series and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
Natalie Phisher: Demigod and Batman's Sidekick by GreekGeek4u
Natalie Phisher has lost all of her relatives and now lives with billionaire Bruce Wayne. Natalie also has a secret, she's a demigod, and her dad is lord of de fishes, her mom was blood of the pharaohs meaning Natalie is also a magician. Now she has to adapt to a new life in crime stricken Gotham city, will she survive, who's secrets will she learn, how many times will things expl
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If Robin was a demigod by Akira Kudo reviews
Percy, Annabeth and Grover are sent to retrieve an extra strong GOTHAM CITY! T cause I'm paranoid and there are some swears...
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What happens when a strange kid shows up in Gotham for training from Batman? Come on in and find out.
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Nightshade by RavenRedSea reviews
Five years ago, Dick Grayson, watched his mother and father fall to their doom, then find out that his sister had died in hopital. But did she? Five years later, DJ is at Camp-Half Blood with brother Nico and best friend Annabeth Chase. And Bruce Wayne donated money to Annabeth's school, DJ finds that Dick is still alive. Rated T for disturbing pictures of people dying.
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Hmm, lets think. Being a halfblood is hard, right? Try being a halfblood that lives in Gotham city, now that's hard! Will Lacey even survive the school year? Sequal-like thing to my bright life. ADOPTED by MissBliss8527
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