Batman and Detective Conan/Case Closed Crossovers
Child of the Shadows by cyres
A darkness is creeping up that catches everyone by suprise. A terrifying discovery made about the organization's origins and purpose. Chaos ensues when an assasin is sent after Haibara, and in order to protect his secret, destroy the organization, and protect those closest to him, conan must first make a sacrifice. When all seems lost, help comes from an unexpected source.
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In order to maintain his reputation as an international jewel thief, Kaito has to leave Tokyo every now and then. This time his target is in Gotham. Sure, he could have chosen literally any place in the world, but where was the fun in that?
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Rachel is going off to college and this leads Conan to make some radical decisions, but what happens when Rachel comes back after four years and finds that Conan has grown up to look so much like Jimmy , and who is her new boyfriend
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Someone feels the need to test the greatest detectives such as Batman. What does this new organization want with Shinichi Kudo? Will Conan's alter ego show up in time? What of Kaitou Kid? It all starts with the new interim student, Tim Drake.
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As Terry was dealing with Power, Power exploded, presumably opened up a portal of some sort. Of course, when he woke up, he found himself in Tokyo instead of Gotham, and 42 years ago. How can he find a way home when he can't even speak Japanese? Sort of triple Crossover, Batman Beyond, Comic Batman world (including JL) and Detective Conan. Enjoy and please Review
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