Bendy and the Ink Machine and Cuphead Crossovers
Cuphead & Bendy: Animation Trepidation by AngelPines reviews
I really thought things had come to an end, after my adventure within the Isles. Things had calmed down, and everything fell back into the ways things were supposed to be. But, who was I kidding? You can't escape a world like that. You can't escape the toons, the mayhem, the magic... and for some people... you can't escape the ink. No matter how far you get.
Rated: T - English - Friendship/Family - Chapters: 12 - Words: 48,072 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 8/2 - Published: 5/18 - Bendy, Joey Drew, Cuphead, OC
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Cuphead and Mugman end up in theMeatly's room with Bendy.
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(Sequel to 'A Friend') It had been a few years since then and when he received a item from his past, Cuphead decided to find his way back to the studio that he stumbled on when he was young but when he stepped inside, he realized that everything changed and now have to find his way back out along with helping an old friend. (Crossposting with Wattpad)
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The Coffee and the Croissant by Ddblack0418 reviews
Bendy, Henry, Allison, and Tom all escape the studio and decide to settle on a group of islands called Inkwell Isles. Upon arriving on the island Bendy, unfortunately, doesn't receive a very warm welcome. But, then he meets Cuphead, who luckily doesn't seem to mind the fact that he is a demon at all. And with this a connection grows between them.
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A oneshot sequel of sorts to 'Forced Bonds'. Sometime after the events of the main story, Bendy decides to take Cuphead and Mugman to meet his uncle who's...not the friendliest of guys.
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A 'Bendy is the son of the Devil' fanfic, with a twist...Cuphead and Mugman are also secretly being raised by King Dice instead of the Elder Kettle. How different will the Cup Brothers' story be with the Devil's son trailing them, and his right-hand man secretly helping them throughout their adventure?
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So someone may have forgotten to tell Bendy that it's not Christmas yet... That someone just so happening to be me. Join Bendy as he annoys Cuphead from Day 1 to Day 12 to the point of knocking him out with a freaking frying pan! Yeah, when I make stuff thing can get a little crazy... And yes, Mugman will be included at some point.
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Join Bendy in his quest for the Ink Machine pieces to cure the deadly Ink Illness. Along the way he encounters many friends and foes, all wanting the same goal. Will our heroes make it to the finish line, or will he make it first? Find out on; Bendy in the Quest for the Ink Machine!
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When a strange man, comes to visits a friend, with two protective boys. This seems like suicide. Can the brothers control their suspicious actions? Or is there really something to worry about this guy?
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Record Instance of a Jevil by Aura Creed reviews
Bendy and Boris along with their pals Cuphead and Mugman are searching for the long fabled Ink Machine, a machine rumored to be the only known cure for ink illness. Bendy with the illness, finding his days numbered, goes off in search of the missing machine pieces. One piece in particular is caught in a certain Jevils cage... Recursive fic off of BABITIM (Details in A/N).
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A Friend - A Bendy and Cuphead Fanfic by shygirl2009 reviews
Its a three-shot story This is before both games start, when Cuphead was around five years old and when Bendy was already abandon and in his demonic form
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Bendystraw Mafia AU. When Cuphead's boss had told him that day they were actually having a Christmas party, he didn't believe him. A Christmas party? On one of the best days of the year for them to get their work done? This was bound to end terribly with Sammy Lawrence setting up the decorations - and who on earth spiked the eggnog?
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Now that Bendy knows about his Lineage, he finds that he may not be the only child born to the King of the underworld. Rated T for violence and family rivalry.
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bendystraw by Ace-the-puppet-master reviews
bendy boy is locked In the closet by Alice and he draws a pentigram and falles into cup head demintion where he finds out that he is in loved in his own deminion a d wants to stay there and get cared for by king dice as a father figure and learn that he loves cuphead and is gay. don't judge, your the one who searched for it
Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,937 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 5/5/2018 - Published: 3/17/2018 - Bendy, Cuphead, King Dice, The Devil
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A little girl related to Joey Drew, creator of Bendy the Devil and Silly Vision Studios, came back to the studio after witnessing a terrifying episode that Bendy had aired to get Joeys friend who also worked at Silly Vision to come back so he could get revenge. He did not expect Mia Evergreen to come to the studio instead!
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A Prince betrothed to the Princess of Ink Kingdom and in line for the throne. He wants nothing to do with the world of diplomacy and forced marriage he just wants to be free to invent and live his life. But what happens one day when he meets a mechanic and starts to fall head over heels for a girl that's out of his class. Cuphead Steampunk Kingdom AU X BATIM
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