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The Trailblazers are back for their final, defining chapter. On behalf of Elsa and Anna, they seek to unlock the secrets of the memory stone. This leads them on a perilous journey to discover the truth of what became of Arendelle's king and queen. Only love can keep you strong. Only courage can bring you home. Only the truth, can set you free.
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DISNEY PAIRING ROULETTE 4: Princess Eilonwy's coronation as she "comes of age" was interupted when she was cursed with a mysterious illness. As she grows sicker everyday, she becomes desperate to find someone with the ability to cure her...And thus enters the powerful sorceress bearing the forboding name: The Evil Queen. Eilonwy/Evil Queen
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Bored from the search for Aurora, Maleficent attempts to find the location of the three good fairies only to stumble upon someone entirely different. Curious, she decides to pay this fiendish fellow a visit. {{NEEDS A BETTER SUMMARY}}
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This is a black cauldron and Sword in the Stone corss over, beilive it or not, a tale of two young boys who each grow up to become great dynasties and must unite to face a evil greater than they have ever encountered.
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One of the most memorable things about Disney are their villains, save for one particular fiend. The Horned King loathes being the one always overshadowed by the others and left in the shadows by himself, until a dark fairy joins him for a "friendly chat" in the darkness. Maleficent X Horned King(Possible Romance)
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