Casshan: Robot Hunter Crossovers
RWBY: The Wandering Blooming Flower by BlackXII reviews
Ages after Casshern Sins, the titular character wandered the world for so long he is forced to blend in to fit with humanity. When invited to attend a school that fights monsters, Casshern accepts, hoping to have a normal life, even if for him it's for a little while. (CasshernxPyrrha)
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She remembers this land well, though the landscape no longer resembles the bright city living on in her memories. If the man once known as Zero were able to see this place now...he would be devastated. Casshern Sins/Code Geass One-shot
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Casshern, the Prince with no love in his heart, transformed into a hideous beast. Ventus, the son of an Inventor who seeks adventure outside of his provincial town. When their paths cross, can they learn to love one another in time to break the spell and transform Casshern and his servants back to normal? Ported from my AO3 account. VenxCass. Beauty and the Beast 3-way fusion fic.
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Enter the most powerful and perfect weapon in the world of Queens Blade he has no emotion, no compassion and only follow his battle instinct as a berserker, like the grim reaper death always follows him no matter where he goes even in hell. He has being called many names as the savior and destroyer of his world. But only one name always spoken at his presence Casshern.
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An accidental event ends up sending Neptune to a new universe where she meets an amnesiac cyborg named Casshern. She decides to assist him on his journey to find out about his past along with trying to find A way to end the ruin. However things take a turn for the unexpected when their friendship blossoms into something more than they had anticipated. Cover Art Coming Soon
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A very, very short CasshernxMahoro oneshot. This is NOT my best work at all, but whatever.
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Casshan Robot Hunter OVA/Original Video Animation. Luna gets transported to a different dimension and meets a young boy named Hiro. Along the way, she is unaware that an old enemy has been resurrected. Also, will Tetsuya ever come back? Casshan Robot Hunter OVA & Golden Warrior/Senshi Gold Lightan crossover. Tetsuya/Casshan X Luna pairing and Hiro X Emi pairing. Read & Review, plz!
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