Code Geass and Fairy Tail Crossovers
Fairy Hills Book 4: Grand Magic Games by Master Lique
It's been six months since Natsugi left FT, and the Magic Games is just a week away. Team Natsu hadn't dared to travel beyond Fairy Hills. And that cat girl from the hospital? She had escaped the day they left, and went missing mysteriously. Where could she have gone? And new people have come around. Gray still thinks about Natsugi, and can't go on missions until he focuses again.
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After the Zero Requiem, Lelouch didn't become a part of the Collective Unconscious. Instead, he became a resident in the Spirit World. Who were these Celestial Spirits, and why did Lelouch have a key that could summon him? LelouchxVirgo, one-shot. (Want to continue the story? Send a PM my way and I'll see what I can do about it.)
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Adopted from Six Paths of Rebellion. After won over his old friend Zeref, Natsu is sent into a new world with giant mechanical monsters used by a nation attempting to take over the world. With the aid from a green haired girl named C.C. he plans to stop them by using power of Geass combine with his knowledge over magic. Smart Natsu! Natsu x C.C.
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Here begins the story of Lelouch who after coming to Earth Land through means unknown to him, his sister going missing in the process Lelouch raised by the Dragon Lord of the Oceans Leviathan becomes the Water Dragon Slayer of the Fairy Tail guild. Although Lelouch has searched for his sister, but now it seems his past is starting to come back to haunt him. Can Natsu and co help?
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Lucy Heartfilia, princess of Britannia, goes to Ashford Academy to prove to her father that she doesn't need to marry Schneizel. But meets the boy she's been friends with ever since she was 7. Will they fall in love? (P.S- Story kinda in Conversation)
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In the end, peace is what Lelouch vi Britannia wants. And peace is what he had achieved. But he did not have the life to live it. A boy wakes up in an unknown world with no memory. Settling down and living a peaceful life, - befriended with some not-so-peaceful friends - he feels contented already. However, when someone threatens the peace, what will happen? Post R2, non-romance
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PURE CRACK FIC. CrossOver between Gilgamesh: Fate Stay,Erza: FairyTail ,CC: Code Geass and Slenderman. NO PAIRING.
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