Criminal Minds and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
The Origins of Spencer Reid by WolfSlayer6708 reviews
Spencer Reid had been called into Hotchner's office to have a meeting with him (Hotchner) and Derek Morgan. Will Reid finally find out who his real mother or father is? Will he find out who the real mother or father of Hotchner and Morgan are? One-shot and Rated T
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Halbgöttin als Profiler – ob das gut geht? by Flufy07 reviews
Nach einer turbulenten Jugend im Camp Halfblood und einer noch turbulenteren Zeit bei der New Yorker Polizei erhält Lily Smith, eine Tochter der Thetis, eine einmalige Chance in die Reihen der BAU aufzurücken. Doch aller Anfang ist schwer. Criminal Minds/Percy Jackson
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When some strange murders happens around New York, Reid has to face his long gone past of being demigod. And the team learns his secret, how will they react? Who is the murderer of the body's? What happens when the gods become involved?
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Would you have let me? by Alexndrine
La dernière fois que Nico DiAngelo avait entendu parler de Spencer Reid, il se remettait lentement de la mort de l'une de ses meilleures amies, l'agent Emily Prentiss. Rien ne l'avait préparé à recevoir un iris-message de la part de son ami lui demandant de venir le voir le plus rapidement possible. Et encore moins pour une "résurrection".
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When a serial killer slices up 17 demigods in Long Island, New York, the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit is called in to assit. Garcia tags along because she needs to avenge the deaths of two victims. Who are they? Why is Garcia so attached to the case? T for violence. Many OCs.
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