Detective Conan/Case Closed and Lupin III Crossovers
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If Tokyo has the answers he seeks, then Tokyo is where Shinichi must go. And nothing, not even a pretty-boy phantom thief, will stop the budding criminal from discovering the truth. Eventual Kaishin. Sequel to "Shinichi Lupin."
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When life is getting back to normal and it is the first day back to school for everyone as they are trying to get their lives back to normal. Well that reality is ruined when an unexpected visit arrives on the first day of school with an unexpected case and a whole new adventure. Lighter tone this time around.
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I adored Shinichi and Jigen's relationship in the crossover movies, so it's about time someone (me) wrote a crossover where Shinichi is adopted into the Lupin gang. Complete, Sequel out, named "Lupin the Fourth"
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Shinichi is taking down a part of the Organisation when he runs in trouble and Lupin. This just makes thing worse and someone very worried.
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Nancy Drew with his father got to Japan because of Kakashi Hatake, Carson's friend. Nancy met Detective Conan and they share the same case to be solved, who's interested in stealing the Golden Buddha with a fist sized diamond on its chest. They both think Lupin III, Asia's greatest thief, wants to steal it but things are not as they seem.
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