Devil May Cry and Deadpool Crossovers
Without You by ScotlandBunnyCosplay reviews
Deadpool is struggling with moving on from Copycat, and thinks there's nothing left for him. But when a demon hunter he's never seen before walks into his life, will he be able to find something else to live for? Deadpool X Dante Rating may go up in later chapters Warning: Yaoi, and Deadpool
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Scarlet Rivalry by The Joe and Gromit Show reviews
The son of Sparda and the merc with a mouth clash blade to blade as each finds himself on the opposite side of a fierce struggle to obtain an artifact of great power. But to the two hired men, that which is of paramount importance is the lulz.
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What happens when you take Deadpool the Merc with the Mouth and Various known characters from popular franchises? Ya get a fanfic series of epic proportions folks.
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