Devil May Cry and Fate/stay night Crossovers
The Legendary Dark Servant by GodofGamingRWBY reviews
When Sparda died, he believed his task to be over, and his legend to have finally passed. When Eva died, she believed that her life as a whole was over. When Marian is chosen for one of the next masters for the Holy Grail War, her task was only beginning, and as a result, it pulled the Demonic couple back into the world of the living. Sparda and Eva Servant duo with a lot of OCs.
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What if Shirou Emiya had developed a vastly different personal code after being saved from the fire ten years ago? What if, during the Fifth Holy Grail War, he had summoned a completely different Saber?
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A Not So Holy Grail War by TheRealMcLovin reviews
After defeating Vergil and escaping Demon World, Dante expected to return to a life of demons and debt. He wasn't expecting to get a new room mate and be served with the will of his long dead mother. Now, in a new city and a new country. Dante finds himself wrapped up in a war he never knew existed. Now, for the sake of the world, he must win at all cost.
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Responsibility didn't define Dante, it never did, it however did define someone he considered his first partner, so he grew to define it in himself for her sake. An alternate telling of Devil May Cry 3.
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Dante was hiding in the closet like his mom told him but then she died and his brother somehow send him to another world with Yamato. Also Dante will still be his regular Dante self none of that I want to be a hero stuff.
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Shinji wasn't always such an ass, his jealousy of Sakura just overcame whatever his love for his new sister. So what if someone helped him save her instead of always feeling helpless?
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