Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden Crossovers
Rachel vs Trish by Sai Kunai Blade reviews
Devil May Cry's sexy, leather-clad, giant-sword wielding blonde demon hunter meets Ninja Gaiden's sexy, leather-clad, giant-war-hammer wielding blonde demon hunter. Both with skill and power beyond that of a human, but which is superior. If the two met and fought, who would win the battle and who would hit the ground? That in other words means that this is a non-lethal battle.
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DmC: Razor's Edge by DevilNinjaXIII reviews
What if Eva wasn't an ordinary human? What if she was a ninja of the Hayabusa clan? What if Dante was a Dragon Ninja? AU Dante. -Up for Adoption-
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Epic Rap Battles Of History: Episode 28 by KJMusical reviews
This is my twenty eighth episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History: KJMusical Edition. This is Ryu Hayabusa Vs. Dante. R&R! Don't like? Don't read!
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