Disney and Cartoon X-overs Crossovers
SECURITY AUTHORS: THE MOVIE by Wherever Girl reviews
Follow the House of Mouse's security team as they try to rescue their friends from The Wasteland, defeat the Shadow Blot, prevent Tempus' uprise, and basically just keep the world from being destroyed. ...As well as discover what secret lies inside the Disney Vault. *Set after Security Authors Season 2*
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Evil forces are once more beginning to move in the realm of Deephaven. They are searching for something...or someone. Only one person can stop the evil forces for good only she supposedly died 20 years ago. Love, lies, death, and history come to haunt one young woman who has no idea who she really is. Can she save her world or will she fail? Disney/Dreamworks/other
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(Sorry couldn't think of a better title) anyway, since is pride month I thought hey, why not do a 30 pride month challenge with the Disney jr ladies? This willingness include crossovers shipping, in show shipping and AU's hope you enjoy!
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