Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Crossovers
Rise of Doctor Gero by Major144 reviews
A origin story about Dr. Gero. How Gero came to working for the Red Ribbon Army, his desire for revenge against Goku, and his creation of the androids and call. Along with himself becoming an android.
Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,536 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 3/10
Bardock comes to Earth by firetype77 reviews
What if Bardock got to earth while Goku was still young. How will planet Vegeta's greatest warrior feel when his son is threaten by someone from his past will he be able to stop them? Sorry for the crappy summary.
Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,042 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 2/26 - Published: 7/25/2012 - Bardock, Goku
Un día es un siglo sin ti by Lady Bestia
Bueno, aquí novata reportándose. Les dejo una parodia muy bonita sobre lo que todos hacen hipótesis.. Sobre los misteriosos pensamientos de Bulma. Las maravillosas manipulaciones hacia la fiera salvaje. La terminación con la que dejo a su Ex novio, después de durante tantos años. Como pudo sobrellevarse a más aventuras, pero fuera del peligro físico.. Pero no del peligro sentimenta
Rated: K - Catalan - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,749 - Published: 12/29/2013 - Vegeta, Bulma, Yamcha
What if scenarios by loremaster965
This Fan Fiction is to try to see how things would have changed if a character made different choices. I do not own DBZ or DB
Rated: K+ - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 306 - Published: 6/25/2013 - Goku, Gohan Sr.
Dragon Ball Z Dream story by GokutheSaiyan reviews
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The Day That Will Be Rued by Alarose reviews
Why are Good Samaritans always punished? Goten and Trunks were just trying to fix the broken clock up on the lookout, no one said anything about time-traveling! Oh, hey, is that Mr. Piccolo? But of course, time travel always has consequences, are Goten and Trunks ready to face them?
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What if by Souja O reviews
A what if tale. What if somehow, both Bardock and King Vegeta were given a second chance? What would they do with that chance? Not a lot to no Oc's. BETA reader requested. Probable Pairs: Gogeta, Gorillin, Bulmcha e.t.c all pairings are STRAIGHT
Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,194 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 8/22/2010 - Published: 8/3/2010 - Gogeta
Therapy by hippiechic reviews
After years of seriously disturbed fights the Z-fighters are experiencing nervous breakdowns, and who better to call when in emotional distress than me? Featuring Gohan, Bulma and Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Puar, Master Roshi, Videl, Mirai (Future) Trunks, Hercule, Bulma and Goku, Radditz, Launch AND FRIEZA! These chapters do not have to be read in order!
Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 41,001 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 7/13/2007 - Published: 5/5/2002 - Piccolo, Vegeta, M. Trunks, Bulma
Végéta bis by Maria Ferrari reviews
Végéta se retrouve sur une planète qu'il a déjà visité, crossover Escaflowne
Rated: T - French - Chapters: 9 - Words: 28,710 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 6/7/2007 - Vegeta - Complete