Dragon Ball Z and Marvel Crossovers
Dragon Ball Civil War BACK! by Joker the prince of all crime reviews
In a twist of fate Vegeta kills Cell with his Final Flash just after he becomes perfect. After when Trunks attempts to leave in his Time Machine there is a temporal mishap which brings Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Tien, Gohan, Krillen, and Piccolo to the Marvel Universe, just months before an event called Civil War. Who's side will they choose? And what will be the outcome?
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"Gohans life has been anything but great recently. Now he gets stuck in a alternate/parallel universe and the universe is the home of Marvel. Follow Gohan's adventures while he is in the Marvel universe. Will his friends get him back home? Will he want to go back home? You have to read to find out. ( I do not own anything that has to do with Dragon ball z or Marvel)
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Read the note. I hope u will like it... This follows the story of Trunks who goes back in time to warn the z wariours about a threat. A U. Same universe with the avengers.
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Tras un experimento fallido. Goku es enviado a otro universo, el cual llega a una ciudad protegida por heroes. El se unirá a ellos con el fin de protegerla de los malos. Averigua qué aventuras tendrá Goku en este nuevo universo.
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