Dragon Ball Z and Re:Zero Crossovers
Re: Emilia's very own Super Saiyan by SSJ Subaru reviews
The peace-loving scholar is taken from the dragon world and placed inside the heart of Lugnica. He soon meets with a kind-hearted girl with silver hair at an alley. They're somewhat similar, yet separate beings. Grim circumstances will constantly separate them, but they'll meet again in another life. (Temporary Curse: The Witch's curse affects Ki abilities for a brief time)
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A change is what sometimes someone needs to be happy. And what is better than going to a fantasy world? Meet fantastic places, have new and peculiar friends and have incredible adventures. And that is what you will get! So I ask you, what are you?
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Dragon Ball ゼロ by Borrador Experto reviews
Un cambio, es lo que a veces alguien necesita para ser feliz. ¿Y que es mejor que ir a un mundo de fantasía? Conocer fantásticos lugares, tener nuevos y peculiares amigos y tener increíbles aventuras. ¡Y es eso lo que obtendrás! Por eso te pregunto, ¿Que eres?
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(College hiatus, slower updates...) The ultimate warrior was absorbed by Majin Buu. Did Buu send him to Lugunica or is the witch obsessed with Gohan? Then why is Subaru there too?
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Durante la lucha contra el demonio Majin Buu las cosas se pusieron peligrosas, este logro absorber a Gohan y todo parece perdido, cuando estaba en sus últimos momentos de vida una fuerza misteriosa se apodera de el y lo transporta a un mundo totalmente desconocido.
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