Dragon Ball Z and Familiar of Zero Crossovers
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While Trunks was in the future training for whatever comes his way, A portal soon appears in front of him and sucks him into a whole other world he's never seen before and all due to a Pink haired mage who wants to prove her classmates that she's not a terrible mage. While the two don't get along at first, The bond grows between them as they partake in many adventures and battles.
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Penso que todo habia acabado, pero no podia estar mas equivocado...Trunks, sin ninguna advertencia, es invocado a un mundo magico por cierta Maga de pelo Rosado... ahora, el Semi-Saiyajin tendra que buscar una forma de regresar a su mundo, pero... ¿realmente querra irse de hay?.
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Durante la lucha contra Majin Buu Gohan no puede soportar más como este está por matar a su padre y a Vegeta, por eso lucha contra el, pero todo sale mal y ambos son tratados por la genkidama, cuando todo se creía perdido se enteran que Gohan fue convocado a otro multiverso por una curiosa chica peli Rosa.
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An unnamed saiyan managed to fight off Frieza and bought time for Trunks to arrive and tell the Z fighters about the androids, but just as Frieza beats him, a strange portal takes him. How will the universe change? So, if you haven't guessed, this is a DBZ FoZ cross over. I'm trying to make it my own, so please tell me what you'd like to see and give me some constructive criticism.
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Gohan finally defeated Cell. He thought that he finally can have peace. But right after his victory, a certain pink haired noble called forth the most strongest living teenager. What would happen as Gohan tries to adapt to his his new life in Halkeginia? Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball, DragonballZ, DragonballGT, and Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero). HAS BEEN REWRITTEN!
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