Elder Scroll series and Fairy Tail Crossovers
Dovahkiin was going to go on another adventure but when he was going to the market for supplies he ran into some strange people with strange magic, appetites and hair color? Rated T just in case.
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Hero's are never forgotten, and legends never die. This isn't always true. He was forgotten and his legend was lost to the ages.
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Legendary by Dakatmew reviews
When an invitation arrives, a challenge is raised to a person that has a, shall we say, larger skill in magic than most, she accepts. Obviously. What happens next, is up to chance, skill, and a bet with a certain short guildmaster.
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Natsu was fighting Grey in the Fairy Tail guild hall, as he usually does, when, all of a sudden, without any explanation at all, he was whisked away to Tamriel. A specific part of Tamriel. Skyrim. A stupid story I wrote because I needed inspiration for another story. It didn't work. Rated because dragon death.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy tail or The Elder Scrolls Game all rights goes to each respective owners Synopsis: The man called Dragonborn was betrayed by the empire, whom he had served and sold out to be killed by the Thalmor, ending in a tragic night at the city of Whiterun a midst of the tragic event, he prayed for mercy to spare the life an innocent child, he held in his grasp.
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For JulieTelrats7380's b-day: AU In a land at war much happens unexpectedly. But when a dragon threat arrives the only hope is a man of legend. Will he come or is he but a legend? Is the time of legends now? Will the enemies at war pull together throught this tough time? One Shot. Contains NaLu, JeRza, LoRies, GrUvia, RoWen, GaLe and MirAxus.
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