Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師 Crossovers
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For a couple of nights I've been having a dream and I've decided Why not make into a story and so i have done. Hope you like it. It does have a bit of swearing in it so be warned Not really sure on the rating so i just put K
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Oh, wait. I suppose it's not really my heart. Right now, I'm Ishiguro Maeko. What a fitting name; Maeko, a name for someone who tells the truth. I can hear Erza Scarlet's heart shattering. Clink, clink, clink. (I've had this idea for awhile. Little fake cosplay with a friend in real. Edited the dialogue a bit... and voila! Probably no pairings. T is only for safety.)
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One day fairy tail guild started saying things to Lucy for no reason ,why ?, lucy felt mad and destroyd and killed them all but she didn't mean to do it she was in trance but Loki stopped her in time to kill the whole fiore. What's Lucy ? What's going to happen to her ? Ps: This is my first story so please be good ;)
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This story about russian fanfiction sile Relased ficbook uhh his woke up ficb ook. net/readfic/2510718 (without spaces)
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An unknown portal opens near True Cross Academy, the Exorcists fear it may be another version of the Gehenna Gate and do all they can to try to destroy it. After realizing it can't be destroyed with their methods they decide to send someone through, and it opens up in... Fiore? Author: NanoWrimo is coming! I may not upload much the month of November. :) Love you all!
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I know this may same confusing but hear me out. This story is about Rin Okumura's life that one day has a sacrifice of him leaving the real world because of his disaster. Rin is then sent to Earth Land and trained by Igneel with his new brother Natsu. Which later on he becomes stronger with Natsu, Sacrifices must be made. Rin meets more friends and even falls in love..
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Amaimon's rage against Rin was getting worse as time went by. He was becoming uncontrollable, so Mephisto decided to send him back to Gehenna. Rin was forced to battle Amaimon while Mephisto was creating the portal, and unfortunately Amaimon pushed Rin in to the un-stable portal along with himself. Good thing is, Natsu was really happy when he saw some one in flames like him self!
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