Fairy Tail and League of Legends Crossovers
The Thunder God and it's Roar by Gh0st's buddy reviews
When Freljord is in peril of a war from Lissandra, how will Volibear stop it? Why does he keep seeing visions of a hero named Laxus? Will the two Lightning users cross paths and stop the Ice Witch?
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Legend of Fairy Tail by Bebuzzu reviews
The League of Legend suddenly found themselves in Earthland, the world of mages. And everybody is scattered because of stupid Anima being a **** but Fairy Tail shows up and helps the League out! Will they be able to reunite all its champion before enemy guild does? Read author notice for info bout this fic. Otherwise in short, it's on HIATUS
Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,747 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 3/10 - Published: 4/26/2013
Lucy de Runeterra by Shineycloud14
Lors d'une mission avec Wendy et Carla, Lucy retrouve ses amies d'enfance venues d'un lointain continent appelé Runeterra. Mais certains événements vont pousser la Constellationiste à retrouver tout ses amis perdus de vue et aussi son premier amour... LucyxTalon, ShyvannaxJ4, KataxGaren et autres couples habituels...
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Penta Kill by ThreeFeatherTribeFanfics reviews
It was just a normal LOL day, everyone was fighting each other to the death, buying items, etc. However, today was special. Rito had decided to add a new champion! Who is this new champion? Read to find out! :D
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Fairy Cannon by Jasenerd reviews
The shadowy war between the Institute of War and the organization has gone on for years. One young Organization mage, Jinx, interferes with the attack on Fairy Tail by Phantom Lord. How will the world change now that Natsu is dragged into a conflict that has been hidden from the world for years. Story Elements: Alternate Universe. Clever!Natsu. Please Review!
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League of Fairies by OminousLatin reviews
The champions of the League are somehow displaced into a new land. With the help of Fairy Tail, will the champions unite and find a way back to Runeterra or will they run amok in Fiore?
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Burning Temper Prologue by Recath
What would happen if some LOL champions were to end up in Fiore DEAD AND UP FOR ADOPTION
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Magical Game by Garoil reviews
After an accident Twisted Fate found himself in a strange world where is no Institued of War and no League. Is he the only one that stranded in this new world? Maybe: FateXCana
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Team Natsu of Fairy Tail is on a mission: to help the League of Legends by becoming its champions! However, without a single knowledge of the League, how will they achieve their mission? What surprises await them? What challenges will they face?
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