Fairy Tail and Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Crossovers
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In a twist of fate, Shizuo Heiwajima was born into a world of magic. With his natural magic being destructive, he decides to put it to good use-in short, joining a guild. Unfortunately, he manages to join a guild just as destructive as he is. Or, maybe it's a stroke of luck. Who knows? I also like necessary criticism.
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This is a FT and Durarara! and Black Butler crossover. It's going to be confusing, playful and one big mind fuck. Also, Ooc. And musical. So, Durarara! meets Fairy Tail meets Black Butler meets High School Musical without the stupid romcom drama. Because yes, there will be random singing. Mostly from Lucy.
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Lucy takes on a job on her birthday, it seemed simple enough and provided her a diamond key. Only she didn't know that she'd end up in a whole different place. Now she has to learn about vending machines ! Joking (not really) she has to learn to cope and find out who sent her there in the first place! Join her on her adventures in Ikebukuro
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