Familiar of Zero and Dark Souls Crossovers
A Hollowed Bond by Ageless Lord DIO reviews
He wanted an end to what felt like an eternity of suffering through the same, horrendous events; to finally be laid to rest. She wanted to become a powerful Mage, and make up for a failure that'd haunted her since childhood. Though neither of them had expected to meet each other, they were now bound together, and would have to cooperate to overcome their own demons.
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Brought back from the gates of death by a princess and her mother, the Lord's Blade was told of their plight. And yet, despite being saved, she was not compelled to aid them. And yet still, she found herself unable to abandon them in their time of need. So she thought of her knight, pondering what he would do in her place... A silly thought. She knew exactly what he would do.
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At the verge of madness, he dared to access all the forbidden knowledge locked inside the Archives. Some might've called it foolish, but this Seeker found it enthralling. By a twist of fate, though, he won't end up losing his mind... What wonders await him, in a land where sorcerers are as common as hollows are in Lordran?
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Louise, shocked by the power of her new spell, layed down in Saito's lap unsconcious, with the broken "dragon" aside. But suddenly, a light coming from behind them began to shine. Louise woke up, searching the source of such magnificent brilliance. It was the purest glowing they had ever seen...
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The newly crowned Monarch heeds the call of a summon by a zero. Disclaimer: I don't own Familiar of Zero or Dark Souls II, but I do own the Monarch. Please support the official release. On hiatus; see profile for details.
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The Chosen Undead has killed Gwyn, becoming the Dark Lord of a slowly dying world. A portal appears and he hears a young girl calling for him. But he has not bowed to anybody, not even death, and he is not going to start now.
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She had no flame within her, only a void where her soul should be. Yet she was among the living. Said to be without talent or skill. Yet able to see her where most can't. This 'Louise' was fascinating to a witch such as herself. It would be most interesting to teach one such as her.
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There is no such thing as a minor character, everyone is the main character of their own story. It just happens that some of them only have minor roles in other people's lives. This is the journey of someone who only played a minor role in another wanderer's story.
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Louise has always been known as a Zero, incapable of casting even the simplest of spells. It's her chance now to prove herself at the annual Springtime Familiar Summoning, but she'll have to prove herself to more than just her peers if she doesn't want it to end in a sea of black flame.
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A single spell is cast, the effects irreversible. An unyielding desire to prove all of them wrong, to become the best among the greatest. The guilt of an honorable knight, stuck in an eternal fight of duty and morality. Mirrors of each other, yet complete opposites, they are bound together by the chains of fate.
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