Familiar of Zero and Dragon Age Crossovers
The Grey Warden of the Void by MikoCatFace reviews
The Fifth Blight has ended with the death of the Archdemon and peace return to Ferelden once again but with what cost? Louise de La Vallière from Tristain summon what she thinks is a normal elf, but in reality she summon the very own Hero of Ferelden that sacrifice her own life to save Ferelden and her friends, will she help Louise? Or will she keep her duty as a Grey Warden?
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Mirror of Zero by Jaenera Targaryen reviews
All Louise wanted was a familiar to prove once and for all that she was a mage worthy of her title. Instead she got a master sorceress and an elven archer. How is she supposed to deal with this mess?
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The Void's Warden by SilverShadow2001 reviews
Louise was known for being a failure of a Mage, unfit of her status as a Noble. So she is understandably disbelieving when she summons a supposed hero of a far off land as her Familiar. But this man is strange, and not content to just sit by and be treated as a slave. So how will he affect her life? Or her him? He has promised only one thing: He will be her protector. Her Warden.
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Welcome to Fereldan, Louise! Don't insult their dogs, they'll declare war.
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