Familiar of Zero and Fairy Tail Crossovers
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Louise quería una bello, poderoso y divino familiar y gracias a la intervención de alguien ella consiguió lo que quería y mucho más: ya que ella consiguió al Dragón emperador de fuego [Den le una oportunidad]
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For all her life, Louise was looked down by her classmates and family simply because she couldn't cast a simple spell. However that all changed when she made a summoning and ended up in the world of Fairy Tail. Now Louise will learn many new things about the world she is in while finding a way to go back home however she will learn what it's like to have real friends and family.
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Louise has had a hard life. A victim of tradition in her family, as well as getting bullied in her school owing to the fact that she could not cast magic properly, she tried to kill herself. Instead, however, she found herself flung into a new world where she found people who accepted her for who she was. Now, she is back, and is determined to change things for the better.
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