Final Fantasy VII and D.Gray-Man Crossovers
Freedom by Theinsanecrow reviews
All Allen and Nea wanted is to leave the past behind. The war and the deaths of their comrades and friends. Now, the Ark sent them to Midgar to live their life but instead, they are wanted by a certain company and also some mercenaries.
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SOLDIERS, ShiRa and the Clown by Fruitloop-chan reviews
Ten years it has been when he arrived into the world of Gaia. He wanted to have a peaceful life here after the war between the Earl and the exorcists. Now, he just have to avoid the attention of a certain company, SOLDIERs and its crazy scientists. Allen just wanted to live his life 'normal'
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Something happened after Chaos stopped Omega. Using the power from the confrontation the Lifestream exploded from the impact and sent Vincent away, since he was an unnecessary WEAPON without Omega. Vincent wakes up with one major question in mind, 'What is an Akuma' Rated T, just to be safe. First story, always looking to improve.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,317 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 61 - Updated: 7/14/2014 - Published: 5/25/2014 - Vincent V., Allen Walker, Kanda Yuu, Lenalee Lee
Versa Graia Vermiculus by Candles In The Snow reviews
"Just who are you?" Allen frowned, "And why were you in that sphere?" "Why I was in that sphere isn't anything important… For now… As for my name… Well… Seeing as you don't remember, I'll tell you my name, and yours… My name is Chaos, and your name was… Is Vincent Valentine." Chaos smirked. Since that day, Allen's life has never been the same. Rated T for swearing.
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Fem!Allen fic! The war ended, many exorcists died including the Noahs. Allen and Lavi had enough of war and went to the world of Gaia, Allen disguised herself as a little kid and lived with Lavi near Midgar and Shinra-co is seriously spying on them.
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Ignore the title. This is what happens when fangirls get bored. They fangirl. Run for cover! Real Summary: DGM and FFVII collide. Like Bakugan. No, really. Typical cliche story where innocence transports the DGM characters into the world of Final Fantasy VII. Not your typical dimension hopping though. Get ready for nonsense and chaos. And let slip the dogs of war! XD Crack Fic
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The war between Exorcist and Noah is done. The Earl is dead and many exorcist died. What will Allen do? He kept moving forward. Now,he's in a dimension where Akuma doesn't exist Where the Noahs won't find him.Along the way he meet friends and also enemies
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In a world where volleyballs are flammable and deadly, coffee is as precious as gold, and crossing over animes is the only way to keep a story funny, D.Gray-Man gets caught in the middle. High school...will never be the same. -Ch1ONLY:VampireKnightCROSS-
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School fic sur ff7, naruto, d.Gray-man, Pandora Hearts, bleach. Chapître 2 en ligne .
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Allen gets kidnapped by shinra cloud breaks a windo at black order hq and everybody leaves to save allen and aerith
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