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Tifa se embarca en una aventura fantástica dentro de un libro para ayudar a Noctis, el principe de Lucis, a recuperar su reino de las manos del malvado rey de Tenebrae. Durante el viaje, su corazón se divide entre dos amantes, un príncipe y un híbrido. Universo Alterno. CloudxTifaxNoctis con un toque de Noctella.
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sorry guys! i know i was supposed to have this out by yesterday, but I felt like crap. Anyway, on with the story!
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Just as the title says... Written for deviantART commissioners... Rating to be safe (cuz I'm seriously just that paranoid) DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS MENTIONED IN THIS FANFIC. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
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Cloud punched the hard, solid wall in front of him. "Why did it have to end this way? Why was I so blind? Why haven't I realized it until it was too late? I now know how important she is to me but what of it? What of it now that she's gone from me? Damn you Cloud, if only you have seen sooner. Then it would have been you holding her hand and not that guy!"
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I suck at summary but please I've done my best read and re
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