Fire Emblem and Kamen Rider Crossovers
Awakening of Kiva: Twist of Fate by Fenikkusumaru reviews
What started out as a birthday party for Morgan has now become a race against time to save her. A new enemy, Valka, has poisoned Morgan, and in ten days, she will be gone forever. It's up to Kurogasa, Chrom, Tiki, and the future kids to save Morgan by going into the Outrealm and find the Escaflowne, the Flower of Miracles. Wake Up! Defy Fate and Break the Chains of Destiny!
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Three friends were on their way to a Comic con, but a magic seal send them to another world on the break of war? Now they possessed the powers of the riders from the Rider war to aid them and their new allies to protect it!
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Me and my friends were trasported to Ylisse after I made a magic portal. Now we must defend this world from Wiseman and his Phantoms, as well as Validar and the Risen and don't forget an evil dragon. Various Pairings. Self-Insert.
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Kamen Riders Shogun and Kaizoku: Turbo Awakening by AKA99 reviews
Arc 1 of Awakening Saga. Daigo and Ryo had one job: go to a convention and then go back home. Instead, they got involved in a robbery, and were thrown into a battle in another world for their trouble. Oh, and they're Kamen Riders now, so there's that. But one thing stands out, they are not the only Riders there. (May feature some errors in grammar and spelling.)
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Here's my gift to you FanFiction readers out there! Merry Christmas!
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Waking up with no memory of what happened, only to remember my name and age, I found myself in a place called Ylisse. But now, a familiar enemy is in this land and with the help of the Shepherds and a belt. I can find out who I really am and where I came from. "Now Fangire return that life you stole to God!" Self Insert. Pairing: 'Me' x Lucina
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I, Kurogasa Kururugi, am just a normal teenager with no excitement in life. But when I went to take a nap, I was suddenly transported to a medieval world I've never heard of, was found by a beautiful woman living on the plains, and discovered that I can become Kamen Rider Agito. Yeah, I'm starting to think that my life's gonna be exciting NOW. It's time to awaken the soul! Henshin!
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25 years ago, the Riders of Blade defeated the Demon King Formortiis and peace reigned in Magvel. But now, 25 years later, a new evil awakens and its up to the new generation of Blade riders to take up arms and save Magvel once again. Journey with them as Lyon Kururugi becomes the new Eternal Trump Card of Hope!
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land of magvel, peaceful for many years, it's nearing its darker hour, the lords of this land prepares themself for a battle that will be remembered through history, and a hero from an unknown place appears to fight along side them, (read second chapter!).i dont own kamen rider or fire emblem they belong to theirs respective owners.
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what if seven friends end up in the world of fire emblem awakening armed with nothing but the various kamen rider double sets. Including t2 memories. Now having to face a unknown rider that is allied with grima can soul and his friends stop the fell dragon and save their world. Ocxpaine, canon pairings.
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For every thought that strays into our mind, a whole new universe could be created from that thought alone. Regardless, me and one of my friends now find ourselves stuck in Ylisse, with nothing more than toys-turned-real to protect ourselves. Sound familiar? It should be. Because we're living in a self-insert. Joy.
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The Wild Fang and Fenikkusumaru presents a Fanfiction movie production: Awakening of Kiva: Past, Present, and Future! Starring Kurogasa Kururugi, Melissa Loubard, Storm Ryder, Akane Inayo, Aqua Myers, and Saigo Nozomi! With Kivat III, Kivat II, Kiva-la, Rey-Kivat, Kivat IV, Sagark, and the cast of Fire Emblem Awakening! Directed by The Wild Fang and Fenikkusumaru.
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Awakening of Kiva by Fenikkusumaru reviews
Six college students met up for their weekly Kamen Rider Club meeting. But when one decided to make an active magic circle, they get sucked into a world where they'd have to go to war, destroy Fangires, deal with Arc, stop the resurrection of an evil dragon, and defy destiny altogether. And maybe... just maybe... the power of Kiva can do that. Various pairings.
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Three teenagers went over to a Kamen Rider Convention to enjoy the day, but when they come upon a mysterious door at the convention, when they stepped in, they're going to be in for the adventure of a lifetime. OC x Eirika
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