Fruits Basket and Hetalia - Axis Powers Crossovers
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He loves her and has found something in her that he never wants to let go of.
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Malédiction by Voracity666
Parce qu'il suffit parfois d'un regard un peu trop bleu pour accepter de baisser ses barrières et de laisser quelqu'un en savoir plus sur soi.
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Les maudits du Zodiaque ne se transforment qu'au toucher d'une personne de sexe opposé. Ou de son âme-soeur. Et Kyô cherche encore à s'enfuir.
Rated: K+ - French - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 9,221 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 6/13/2017 - Published: 5/17/2015 - [Greece, Kyo S.] [Japan, Prussia] - Complete
Hetalia In a Basket! by Nanhty reviews
Kiku Honda (aka. Japan) was a boy who was one day found by Tohru and Kyoko. Now he goes back and visit Tohru after about 9 years. What will happen? Only a bit of romance. But there will be randomness, and a bit of madness. Scratch that, there will be a little madness, and alot of randomness. and pocky. Enjoy!
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They don't know how or why Yuki's room got connected to Russia's basement. All they know is that it's nice to not be alone in the dark.
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A school trip around the world leads the trio and their friends to come across the personifications of the countries themselves without even knowing it! But what happens when the ongri and her friends get stuck inbetween a crossfire of world porportions?
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Draw a Circle, That's A Basket! by Don't Insult Oliver's Cupcakes reviews
Tohru Honda gets a letter from her mysterious Adopted Brother, Kiku Honda, whom she barely remembers. Kiku is going to visit Tohru with his sister, Xiao Mei Wang, who is from Taiwan. Tohru and the Sohmas don't know Kiku and Xiao Mei's secret. Kiku and Xiao Mei don't know Tohru and the Sohma's secret! Furuba (Fruits Basket) x Hetalia (APH)
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A Family with a curse nearly as old as time itself and the girl who will change their lives forever. Meet Jocelyn Martina Bennett, your not-so-typical American girl. This is the tale of and the family that she will one day come to consider her own... Well, maybe. XAU! Original version posted via Murasaki Argenteria; Purely 3rd POV this time around. Name changed Juliana to Jocelyn.
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Woruba: Kiku gets Sick by Hakuei Shirei
Part of the Woruba!Verse and a Woruba!Side Story/Oneshot. In which Kiku is sick, some familiar-yet-still-unintroduced characters visit for various reasons, and Juliana makes new friends, learning new things about the people she lives with, while Arthur and Francis amazingly aren't fighting for once! Even if only cuz they're mostly not there. RR&Enjoy! Originally Posted on MA acct.
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Woruba: World's Basket by Murasaki Argenteria reviews
Furuba!AU of Hetalia! Summary: A Family with a curse almost as old as time itself and the girl who will change their lives forever. Meet Juliana Martina Bennett a not-so-typical/average American girl. This is a tale about her and the family she will come to consider as her own... Maybe. NOT UKxOC! incomplete! Story being moved and reposted on a different account as of 8/19/2014!
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The Honda Secret? by Tabbie-chan and Haya-chii reviews
Kiku Honda visits her dear sister, who lives with a cursed family. Can Kiku hide her own cursed from her sister and the Sohma family? Or will it be found out? Has some of Nyotalia. (Poll in Profile, romance or no?)
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2p ShigureXReader Up Until You Came Along by shigurefan101 reviews
Okay so I thought of a new fanbase thing to start- 2p!Fruits Basket! Okay so like Hetalia, each Fruits Basket character has a 2p, this one focusing on 2p!Shigure ('cos Shigure is the greatest anime character EVER XD), but if you like the idea and have any requests, please let me know!
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what happens when Japan visits the sohmas to see his sister tohru chaos of course! read please! ON HIATUS! SO SORRY!
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First Crossover. Matthew Williams-Jones just moved to Japan with his brother Alfred to live with an old friend. The Candian is all alone in the big Japanese city of Toyko that is until he meets a young Sohma girl...CandaXKisa, USXJapan, AU curse unbroken.
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