Fullmetal Alchemist and Maximum Ride Crossovers
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He has no idea who he is aside from his first name, he doesn't know how he can shape matter just by putting his hands together, and not even the School can explain his metal limbs. It's only natural that Ed would tag along with Max's flock in hopes that a trip to New York would solve their mysteries. Begins to substantially deviate from The Angel Experiment starting in chapter 8.
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He has been a part of the Gate for years. Now he's finally out, but he's not home. And he's… different. AU, Chimera!Ed. Rated T for swearing and violence. Contains Ed/Nudge and Max/Fang. Incomplete but will no longer be updated on FFN. See final chapter for details.
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((Takes place during Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports)) "What you in for?" I asked jokingly, hoping it would raise his spirits. "..." He didn't even reply, how rude. I went out of my way to make a joke and he couldn't eve- "I can't...do this anymore..." He said, his voice broken and raspy as he fought to even speak. I could just feel the sadness radiating from him.
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Chastity, yes that's her, a winged girl like the rest of them, but what exactly is different with her? and what do these differences have to do with max and her flock. no, the true question is what do max and chastity have to do with alchemy, and the gate. jeb what has he done to this poor girl? ed x oc, oc x fang, max x fang
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