God of War and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
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Three strangers appears in the world of the gods, yet one is no stranger to the gods. The question is, will one who hates the gods aid their children?
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A new group of campers has arrived at Camp Half Blood, one of which in particular has been revealed to be the center of a third Great Prophecy, and the key to stopping a massive conspiracy against Olympus. Marked with the parentage of a forgotten destroyer, can he overcome his father's reputation, redeem his brethren, and take his place as a hero?
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Percy's life seems to be at its best, that is until news reaches that Kratos has returned. Now, Percy and his friends attempt to find him to learn how and why he is here. Hopefully, they'll live long enough to get their answers.
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Kronos has been destroyed, but not his soul. Now needing a new body, he desires to take Percy Jackson's, yet he needs him to be dead. With no one else strong enough to kill him, he tricks the God of War, Kratos, into fighting Percy and killing him. Now as he is on the run with his friends, Percy Jackson must face the greatest battle of demigods there may be, or he will face death.
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After the Blood of Olympus, a demi god who succeeded the Ghost Of Sparta; has come to Half Blood Camp. Meanwhile Kronos is Coming With a new Threat; Japanese demigods and demons.
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Just something I put together when I had lots of freetime Please review and tell me if you want another chapter and tell me how to make it better.
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