Hannah Montana and Green Lantern Crossovers
The Lantern of Hope 2 - A Galaxy in Peril by CaptainJack567 reviews
A few months after the first story, Miley and Lilly are enjoying their time as a couple. But with the looming threat of Parallax coming closer, John believes that Miley should still be training. Throw in another threat of Luanne, Mikayla, and Rico gunning for both Miley and Lilly, and you get a lot of trouble for our favorite heroines.
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This was co written with captianjack567 please read his stories before mine as mine are spin offs from stories and I hope to colabarate with him in the future
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Miley Stewart, ordinary high school girl and teen pop sensation, has been selected to wield an awesome power that has been given to various people throughout the Earth. She must learn to get in control of her powers and save the day from her rival and be ready for the prophecy of "The Blackest Night."
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Miley is selected to wield an awesome power in accordance to an ancient prophesy. If you thought two lives was weird-try three
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