Harry Potter and Black Cat Crossovers
Train of Memories by Kitty Katrona reviews
I Died, I awoke, with cramps... 'Cause I fell, and I looked in the mirror, and knew my new life was going to get a HHHHHUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE, wake up call, cause a lot of people were going to know what it means to cross the Black Cat, bad Luck is sure to follow, Reincarnation fic. Please Read and Review!
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First in Series On a mission, Train meets the young boy who lived. He later decides to train him and he joins the Chronos Numbers. But after a small encounter in his mind, Harry figures out a huge secret about himself! Set in Book 4 Slash!
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Train Heartnet keeps having odd dreams. Dreams about his past life. Can Train remember who he was before Creed unleashes the power of Tao on his friends? Or will Train have to relearn how to use magic the hard way?
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Niko Black, son of Sirius disappears with Harry ten years ago. He reappears as a mischievous muggleborn named Train Heartnet. How will the Magical World handle this pure blood assassin who turns Harry into number XIV? And will Saya be saved this time?
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Belze has been spotted with a black cat that has green eyes every once in a while. The first time he meets Train and his friends he had the cat with him. Now every once in a while they spot the cat. How will this cat change their lives.
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