Harry Potter and Superman Crossovers
Traveler Among Wizards by SuOmAlAiNeN92 reviews
After the death of his father, orphaned son begins his journey to find his place on his adopted planet. Feeling to be all alone in the world, Clark Kent arrives to London and sits in the very cafe, where three wanted wizards have been ambushed and an alliance will be formed between different people from humans. A crossover between Harry Potter and Man of Steel. Cast in Bio.
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A Harry Potter/Superman crossover. In this fic, James and Lily Potter, unable to have children of their own, adopt a foundling child they discover in the forest near their Godric's Hollow home, soon discovering just how unique and special he really is.
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Look! Up in the sky! It's an owl! It's a broom! It's Harry Potter! What's he doing flying around without a broom? Harry meets Superman under shocking circumstances and they are both a little mixed up-with each other.
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What if Lois Lane had to take care of the baby clone of superman and Lex Luthor? What if Clark found out she got a kid? What if he flew of and found Harry Potter, and decided to take him in himself? What if Harry and the clone Kon El met?
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