Harry Potter and Howl's Moving Castle Crossovers
TRADUCTION: La Lune d'Hauru by Cassandre Potter reviews
Il y a deux ans, alors qu'elle allait rejoindre son parrain Sirius, Luna Potter se retrouve victime d'un charme l'envoyant loin. Très loin: un autre monde. Victime de la malédiction de la Sorcière des Déchets, Luna se voit obligée de confronter l'un des sorciers les plus redoutés: Hauru. Parviendra t'elle à briser la malédiction pesant sur elle et a quel prix...
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When Harry was young, he was absolutely enraptured by the movie Howl's Moving Castle...but that didn't mean he wanted to be the main character - the female protagonist nonetheless! Death, what are you thinking? Harry Potter, the Man-Who-Conquered has finally died. However, death is the next great adventure, and thus, he's sent to a new world and became a girl. (DrabblesIntoAStory)
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Howl needed help, so he called on the professors at his old school. The only way he could do it did not exactly please everybody.
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"she loves those creatures more than anything. even you, i'm afraid. but she looks at you special, is the thing. you put the stars back in her eyes." or, newton artemis fido scamander the second and seren jenkins, from ingary.
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Sophie Hatter, professional hat maker and part time wallflower, was perfectly content with her life until Great Magician Howl and his troublesome castle dragged her into the world of magic and wonder. 'A crazy life', she thought, but at least she found a most unexpected ally in her time of need. "Sophie, come greet your new neighbor," Lettie said. "I have one?" She asked.
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While on an expedition, Luna and her husband Rolf run into a mysterious castle and meet its inhabitants.
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Haku and Howl get chosen by their King to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry, in order to find out anything that could help the kingdom's magic to improve. They join Lily and James in their years through Hogwarts. Intended for K , I initially use Haku after the events of Spirited Away, and Howl before he meets Calcifer.
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A port key gone wrong sends the Girl-Who-Lived to another world. However an encounter with one of the more infamous wizards leads to her being cursed by the Witch of the Wastes, and she is forced to deal with the same wizard everyone fears...Howl. Can she find love in time to break the curse, or will the war that has started keep her from getting home?
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17 years have passed since Harry Potter disappeared from the world. When Jamie Longbottom and his brother Albus accidentally travel to the occupied UK they enroll in Hogwarts, hoping to obtain help from its residents in returning home. Hogwarts, though, is far stranger than they knew, and it only becomes stranger when a young blonde man emerges from the Forbidden Forest... AU
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