Harry Potter and Sekirei Crossovers
The Strength of Bonds by Dragonchad reviews
Harry feels a connection, one that says that somebody not only wants him, but needs his help. Of course he’ll do his best.
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Harry leaves Britain, fed up of Dumbledore's as well as his friends' manipulations. What happens when he encounters a spaceship with 108 aliens? Read on! Strong/Smart/Harem Harry. DISCONTINUED!
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The Silver Mage by Akita-J reviews
Hi my name is Harry Potter. Due to my magic my gender is unstable. I have a rare magical disease that makes it so on some days I will be a male and other days I will be a female. To escape the pressure of the wizarding world Ginny and I left for Japan. Who knew when I got there I would meet someone in a similar predicament as me or that I would get involved the Sekirei Plan.
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[Two-chapter One-Shot] Everything changes. People, places, even languages. Everything succumbs to time eventually. He was no different. He too had changed. But in every way that mattered, he was still the same. And somethings never change.
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Después de la tercera guerra mágica causada por un revivido voldemort ,harry termino encerrado por veinte años en la isla kamikura para después ser despertado y entrar al torneo sekirei teniendo en mente detener MBI y en el camino hacerle frente a un dios pícaro. Su aventura no sera fácil pero entonces ¿que es fácil en la vida de Harry potter , el mago mas fuerte del mundo? harem.
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