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Anne Bolyen gave birth to her saviour. But, as history says, the baby died with in minutes in 1534. Or did he? Paid by the Seymours, hunted by vampires, a nurse hides the Prince in the future. Longer summary inside.
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When Dark Wizards break into the Time Room of the Department of Mysteries and attempt to rewrite history at the critical moment of the English Reformation. Hermione Granger, an Unspeakable of the Department of Mysteries, is tasked with stopping them and protecting the future. However, will the legendary charm of King Henry VII unravel her resolve? Harry Potter-Tudors Crossover.
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UNDER REVISION. When James Potter met Lily Evans, it was not the first time the Potter line and Evans line had crossed. Much was lost throughout the years, and it wasn't until their son that the two lines rejoined again. Crossover w/Tudor England. Story covers mostly Lord Hadrian Evans throughout the Tudor reign. Then will skip into the future to cover various times in Royal life.
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