Hetalia - Axis Powers and Slender Crossovers
Greenland's Suprise A Creepypasta and Hetalia Fanfiction by GhostIsTrash reviews
She WAS a 1p, but she ran away and managed to run into the 2p's. Oh! I almost forgot, this 'she' is the personification of Greenland. When the 2p's decide that she wasn't fit for the 'killer life', 2p!England teleports her to another world were she will get custom to the killer life, then come back as a killer. Unknown to them, they sent her into the Creepypasta world...
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"The palest man, the blackest suit, Bigger than the tallest brute." With the demon's evil cry, Gilbert Beilschmidt knew he'd surely die. He could try to run, he could try to hide, but all his efforts would not abide. For once you think you have escaped the Slenderman, remember: 'He can do what no other man can.' - A Hetalia Adaption based on the Mansion Slender game. (1/3 parts up)
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What happens when France gives Italy's white flags to Slenderman? The Allies and the Axis have to work together to get them back! Some more enthusiastic about it than others... Rated T for swearing, inappropriate language, and any offensive comments.
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Sequel to Come, Little Matthew. We follow the family of Matthew Bonnefoy-Kirland 20 years after the meeting of SlenderMan and Matthew, when Matthew has three children; Eliana and Matt, who are twins, and Jane, their eldest. What new adventures are in store for the three children, and their father? Read and find out! (OCs Eliana, Matt and Jane belong to me! ;D)
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