High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D and RWBY Crossovers
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Issei was walking home to celebrate for passing the entrance exam in Kuoh Academy until he saw a girl being attacked by a devil in an alleyway. He managed to save the girl by awakening his sacred gear and defeating the demon but was left bleeding in the ground until a portal opened up, sucking him into a new world. (IsseixHarem)
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After The Beast of The Apocalypse Trihexa has been unsealed, the world was nearing its end but was saved from its destruction by non-other than Hyoudou Issei who defeated the beast. But in his final moments Hyoudou Issei, suddenly found himself under a shattered moon.
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Issei was killed by Raynare but without Rias to resurrect him. His world is destroyed and all of his friends and loved ones are gone. So what does God do? He sends him to a new world that needs a hero like himself. He's given a second chance and the opportunity to be the hero he was supposed to be. And hey, maybe he can claim a pair of boobs or two along the way. Rewritten
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La vida de Hyoudou Issei iba viento en popa, había logrado vencer la agrupación del infierno, fue promovido a demonio Super Especial y se casaría con sus prometidas, todo iba bien para Issei, hasta que decidió pasar por uno de los viejos laboratorios de Azazel, dentro se topo con algo que cambiaria su mundo para siempre. El sekiryuttei, el Oppai Dragon llego a Remnant.
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When rifts connecting two worlds form, chaos tends to follow suit. How will the people of Remnant deal with the supernatural? How will the Pantheons of Earth deal with the creatures of Grimm? How will a certain someone feel about dealing with the parents that killed him and his sisters? Those first two are a mystery, but suffice it to say that Duncan Renatus isn't happy about this.
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Many years have passed since Japan had been sealed into a pocket dimension to escape the ravages of Ragnarok. The dimension collapsed and dropped the nation into Remnant, a world where the Grimm terrorize humanity. Issei strives to become a Huntsman to protect the people of Japan, which has renamed itself the Kingdom of Zipang, and get a harem along the way.
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A small hope will not be enough to defeat the being that once destroyed the world. What men and faunus needs right now is the power to overturn fate itself, and as with thousands of years ago, in a time before Remnant, those who wields such power to defy fate itself will answer the call.
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Multiple Fandoms. Main Fandoms are Hghschool DxD and RWBY. The Trickster (Supernatural) plays with The foundations of the Multiverse. portals and cracks appear between universes. Warping and pulling people through to places they should not be. My first Fan fiction. I have no idea where im going with this. Enjoy. No confirmed Pairings as of yet.
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