Inuyasha and How to Train Your Dragon Crossovers
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Just with the soft allure of her pipe they follow her. Just with a simple note of her melody they would be all bowing at her feet, but she didn't wish for that, she didn't ever wish for that. With her joyous smiles and happy tunes, Hiccup soon found himself falling for the last Dragon Piper... along with the whole village. Hiccup / Kagome Based off Series
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She just wanted to go home. But how does someone go home when they don't know where home is? She just couldn't remember. Kagome X Toothless: based after second movie so SPOILERS.
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This is story about Kagome and her adventure in a new world
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During the final battle with Naraku, Kagome is seriously injured and the only way to save her is to make a wish on the sacred jewel but something goes wrong. When the wish is made Kagome is sent to a different world where new adventures await. My first story please leave feedback
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Ceci peut être considéré à la fois comme un prologue et un bonus. Je n'avais pas d'idées spéciales en tête quand j'ai eut envie d'écrire ça, juste une soudaine bouffée d'inspiration. Et aussi un test pour voir ce que vous penseriez de cette histoire :) Le résumé réel sera posté plus tard
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How To Train Your Dragon/ InuYasha Crossover. Hiccup and Toothless are learning more about each other in the woods. But happening upon him, is someone who he did not expect. InuYasha. /Cover Image by Wulfsista of deviantArt/
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Kagome was the village dragon breeder, it was her job to raise the hatchlings. During so she, much to Toothless's annoyance, capture's the village leaders attention. What's a village girl to do with a hatchling, an infatuated village leader and his jealous dragon?
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as punihment from the jewel for wishing it from existance kagome gets turned into a female night fury. it is dragon mating season in berk toothless goes in search of a mate only to get sucked into an air void taking him to feudal japan. can toothless teach kagome how to be a true night fury? and will he find a way home.
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She didn't know how she ended up here and in a body of a dragon no less. Just her luck right. But after some times she is getting to like how her life is, and falling in love or as toothless said, she is his mate, didn't seem that bad...well it did when she first met him.
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