Inuyasha and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossovers
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(2012 TMNT/InuYasha) 100 word drabble series. "Thank you for saving me, Kame-sama." And with that sentence, Kagome befriends four turtles, their rat master and gets thrown into another crazy war.
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UPDATED! X3 Leonardo needed to learn that, although the leadership of his team was a serious burden, it should not always be regarded such solemn intentions. However, being taken by surprise and discovered by a human girl and whatever circumstances she set into motion could be a rightful cause to worry. Kagome H./Leonardo (All chapters currently undergoing revision; 1/3 completed)
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A collection of one-shots of varying lengths featuring Kagome with one of our favorite Turtles (or other Ninja Turtle characters). All installments take place in the 2012 series continuity unless stated otherwise. Requests are welcome (but completed at my pace)! X3 Installment 11: Nightmare - Mutant!Kagome X3
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