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In which Dib finds a forum where he can talk to other supernatural enthusiasts, Gaz starts a sweater business with an anonymous online friend, Mabel thinks she's acquired her new online love, Waddles eats some waffles much to a robot dog's disapproval, and Dipper travels to a very strange town. Not as odd as Gravity Falls, of course. (Title may change. Cover image not mine.)
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Dib has given up. He's given up on his family, school, and saving the world. However, before he can adjust to a new life of conformity, Bill Cipher whisks him away to Gravity Falls. Now he must take his role as the 11th chosen one, to defeat the darkness that comes as he makes new friends, falls in love, and realizes where he truly belongs in life. (DibxMabel) (DipperxBill)
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Nada parecía querer cambiar, todo parecía querer estar igual, su rutina parecía querer repetirse una y otra vez de la misma forma o al menos así era; hasta que llego el para cambiarla junto con sus vidas ¿Qué tanto afectaría cambiar la rutina? Eso es algo que deben descubrir nuestros tres protagonistas quienes se ven afectado en este enredo provocado por ellos /Slash/
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