Kamen Rider and Hyperdimension Neptunia Crossovers
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After the events of the final battle with the Utopia Dopant, Philip has returned to the earth. But, what would happen if a Goddess gives him a second chance at life in Gamindustri, as Verts little brother? Lets find out!
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Waking up with no memory of what happened, only to remember my name, age, and strangely a certain series. I woke up in a place called Gamindustri as I was in a familiar black and blue car with a belt who can talk. But now, a familiar enemy is in this land and with the help of the CPUs and belt, I can find out who I really am and where I came from. Start Our Mission! Self Insert.
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Takehara Haru laki-laki normal yang menemukan decadriver dan dipilih menjadi kamen rider decade dia ditugaskan oleh tsukasa dan Histoire untuk ke dunia bernama gamindustri untuk menyelamatkan dunia itu dari ancaman Narutaki dan Arfoire akibat sebuah tome aneh. ikuti petualangan Haru dan kawan-kawan nya demi menyelamatkan gamindustri dan rahasia dibalik kejadian semua ini ,HENSHIN!
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An American boy was one day looking at the Kamen Rider Decade stuff he received from a friend in Japan before he is suddenly taken to the HyperDimension where his Decade merchandise has become real. Now armed with the power of the tenth Heisei Rider Ace must help Nepgear, IF, and Compa rescue the captured CPU's, unite with the other CPU candidates, and defeat ASIC.
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Alex awoke in a new world. How did he get there? Why is he There? Maybe that cute girl with twintails knows. This fanfic is for the game Hyperdevotion Noire and Kamen Rider. Also just so everyone know this is going to be an OC X Harem fanfic but the main focus is going to be OC X Noire. So yeah enjoy!
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Hi i'm a new writer and i hope u all enjoy my first Fanfic. I hope you all enjoy and please give me time i'll get better. So yeah enjoy my fanfic of Kamen Rider and Hyperdivotion Noire. (Side note kamen rider isn't the only tokusatsu in this later some of the ultras are going to appear). Enjoy. (CANCELED/SCRAPED)
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