Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Sekirei Crossovers
Not Dames by cooljames8836 reviews
Placed after the Arcobaleno war the guardians left Tsuna and he left are the guardians going to tell or are they going to stay living in ignorance. (AN Not good a writing and or summary and first fic don't hate it.)
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Flame's Effect by Aureux reviews
In response to the MBI's growing influence, the Vongola has agreed to send it's heir to Tokyo to facilitate peace by acting as a mediator between the two groups. But Minaka rarely does thing without a plan. Now, thrust full on into the Sekirei Plan, Tsuna must make friends in order to survive as an Ashikabi Sky. Sky meets flame, and all shall end in love or ashes. TsunaXHomura
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Tales of Vongola Decimo: The Sekirei Effect by panda-kun77 reviews
Tsuna is now 18 years old and moving to Tokyo. He's determined to have a fresh start there, but considering his past luck Tsuna might get more than what he wanted. So remember, beware of what lies beyond that rabbit hole. You never know whats down there.
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Educatonal Pursuits of A Mafia Don by Tracer28 reviews
When Tsuna was shipped off to Japan to study in the most prestigious university named "Shin Tokyo University", he expected late night studying while keeping up his duties as the Vongola Decimo, what he didn't expect was the alien women calling their-selves Sekirei and are asking him to be their 'Ashikabi?. What's a mafia boss to do? Set 5 years after the Future Arc
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Sawada Tsunayoshi was inthe middle of training when a strange girl appeared and asks him to protect her.
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