Kim Possible and Incredible Hulk Crossovers
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The first of five one-shots exploring the unique bond of friendship between Robert Bruce Banner and Sheena Elizabeth Goh through their college years. Is their unbreakable bond of friendship destined to become something greater? All will be revealed in due time.
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Sitting on a bed within her rented hotel room, Shego stared at the photo that she held within her hand. It was an old photo, from her college days to be precise. And in that photo, standing beside her, holding her close within his arms, was her greatest friend and someone whom she would always love. He was her first and truest friend, her first love... her true love.
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The Green Scar: My Friend, My Love by GreenScar1990 reviews
One-Shot. The Hulk has returned, declaring war upon the whole planet. She seeks to help him, her closest friend... the person she loves the most. But can even she prevent him from becoming something he's not? A killer and a monster.
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