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In the aftermath of Sora's aborted Mark of Mastery exam, Lambda and the other Guardians of Light race against Xehanort and his Seekers of Darkness to prepare for the final clash. Team Riku seeks to revive lost allies, Team Sora seeks to regain lost strength, and Team Roxas seeks to crack Ansem's Code. And deep in the Realm of Darkness, the original Time Break grows ever larger...
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After saving his world from an eternal struggle, Ragna finds himself not only alive again, but in a whole new world darker than his. There, he meets a woman named Aqua who has been stuck there for years. Wanting to know more about the world around him, he agrees to help her as the two faces whatever creatures hide in the dark. (AU, for those who were curious)
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*New summary* "A 'Heart' is something all who exist have. Those who do not have one does not mean to exist at all." Xaragn, Organization member XV wonder what the point to have a heart since he does not have one, but the order to learn more on what a 'Heart' is, he must go to one place to find the answer... Military School? *Rated M for Language, starting NOW!* Update: Check Bio.
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